You buy your movie tickets, secure dinner reservations and request Uber from your phone. So why are you still using pagers, faxes and emails to coordinate time sensitive emergencies?

Pulsara is a smart device application designed by LEMA physicians to help coordinate prehospital personnel, nurses, ER physicians and specialists in the care of critical care patients such as STEMI and stroke patients.

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Standardize your STEMI communication protocol regardless of patient location and instantly syncs the entire care team with seamless and secure communication.

Hospitals + EMS Using Pulsara

  • Champion EMS
  • Erlanger Health System
  • Good Shepherd
  • Palestine Regional Medical Center
  • St. Dominic Hospital


Improve the coordination and communication tasks essential to rapid assessment and care of patients suffering from acute ischemic stroke (AIS).

Balloon / Door-To-Needle Times Decreased

We observed the mean D2N times post STOP STROKE© decreased 21 min (77 - 56min), a 28% improvment (p=0.001). Further, the patients meeting D2N < 60 min improved from 32% (11/34) to 82% (28/34) after the app.

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